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"My question is for Andrew’s dad, was he ever a troublemaker in school?"


Jonathan Toews on Waddle & Silvy, 17/7/14:

On what he was doing when he first got news of the finalized contract:

"The first thing that crossed my mind was - Patrick Sharp’s gonna like this - I was on vacation with my girlfriend for two weeks when I got the news, I was…


It’s good seing your friends…dog / Vine By: Robby Ayala
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oh my god you are so lucky!! how'd you meet him?

Yeah it was pretty awesome xD
My mates and i went to the international hockey game in Sydney. The Canada vs USA one. Walker was on the US roster, but he wasn’t playing in the game. He was just chillin in his suit walking around the arena xD

Kaner apparently needs another photo of Jonny on his phone
Photo Credit: the_mel


April 19, 2014: Patrick Kane engages in a scrum the only way he knows how — with a harmless hook and by mouthing off to the refs