[3/3] 2013/2014 nhl regular season 


cant wait for natural selection to take out slow walkers 

who are your top 3 teams?

Hawks - Habs - Oilers
In that order :D!


I don’t know why but this is my favorite picture of Toews at the moment


I don’t know why but this is my favorite picture of Toews at the moment


You can order Penguins playoff beard smiley cookies (the kind at Eat’n Park) here

They also made a Crosby cookie.



I made this blog in October and since then I have followed some amazing people. With the playoffs starting tomorrow I thought I’d get this done before I put it off for three more months. So here is my very first follow forever. 

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hello! ive been following you for a long time and i havent seen you around lately. is everything ok? i dont mean to be a bother or anything.

youre definitely not a bother, dont ever think that :D!

I’m really good actually, I’m sorry to have worried you anon. I have been a bit absent from tumblr, that’s true :(.

I kinda have a tendency to stay away from tumblr during important hockey events (psst, does anyone remember my absence from the olympics? xD). A lot of people get really amped up which is totally awesome because sports!!! and it’s lovely and amazing b/c again, SPORTS!!! But there’s also a lot of anger and arguments that clog up my dash and I’d rather just… not be here for that. Y’know? >< 

My queue is all set up and stuff so there’ll still be posts from me, but i’m mostly just chilling out on twitter atm. Feel free to come hang out there if you’d like. ^_^ 

And the winner is….

Brendan Gallagher